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How we Work Together


Consulting - Wealth Building Foundations

Highly personalized services for individuals, families and/or businesses.

We run scenarios and review everything from Retirement Planning, Business transition forecasting and planning for: college, real estate transactions, taxes, legacy and estate planning, charitable giving and insurance.

We build and/or facilitate a collaborative team with your trusted professionals (i.e.: CPA, attorney, business coach, business broker, accountant, insurance broker) to address all the financial considerations for your benefit.

Hourly or Annual Rate

Consulting - Wealth Building and Leveling Up

When we are working together to pursue your financial goals, our clients prefer to have us manage both their assets and run scenarios to discuss financial planning and strategy considerations.

When our goals and long term plans are in alignment with our investment portfolios, we can create productive and personalized impacts in your overall financial life. 

Annual Rate or as part of your Asset Management Services depending on account size, complexities and needs.

Asset Management

Personalized Wealth Management

Ongoing Asset Allocation

Discretionary Trades within Risk Tolerance

Retirement Income Streams


Annual and Proactive Communication Minimums: 1 meeting + 2 proactive check-in calls from our team + 3 newsletters, unlimited inbound phone calls and emails


Investment Minimum: $250,000 or referrals evaluated on a case-by-case basis

Costs: Percentage of Assets Managed with some additional options available when certain circumstances apply.

Our Process - How we Work Together


We start with a complimentary 30 minute phone conversation to discuss your unique financial situation and outline the objectives of our work together.  We encourage including your spouse or partner to ensure we are outlining the complete range of goals, and begin on the same page. 

We'll determine if we will be working together to manage investment assets and building wealth, doing financial consulting on specific topics of interest or in most cases, a combination of the two services and schedule our initial meeting (virtual or in-person). We ask that you provide statements or other information relevant to our upcoming discussion in advance, to the extent that is possible and comfortable.

Our team is passionate about educating our clients about financial concepts, products, and strategies to demystify investing, estate conservation, and preserving and building wealth. We are fulfilled by seeing the positive ripple effects created by building financial confidence in your life, the important people in your life and even our communities.  


This is a big relationship in both of our lives, and to start us off right - we want you to meet your team and the team wants to meet you.

Our work will be organized in 45-60 minute sessions. After the preliminary introductions, we'll sit down together and answer your questions, review our services and ensure you are informed about any costs associated with electing to work together. We want you to make an informed decision and be your long-term advising team. We believe finding the right fit for you is an important step in the process.

During this initial consultation, we will outline the goals of our work and the time frame expected. Once our initial planning is complete, we schedule any necessary follow up and coordinate any action items. We need a lot of data points to fully understand your financial life. Together, we'll get organized and you'll know what and how to easily gather the needed information.  Then, we'll determine if we continue to meet quarterly, annually, or on an as-needed basis. 


Asset Management is based on the amount of investable assets we will be managing for your benefit and is charged as a percentage and ensures we are in alignment for the long-term with a quality and personalized investment philosophy. 

Financial Consulting is done as a flat-fee and is based on the scope of work and level of complexity being addressed. Our initial work is typically completed within 30 days of receiving the necessary details and goals, with a follow up within 60 days to address any updates or revisions. We encourage a 6-month review to ensure there are no additional changes or new considerations and to determine if we will continue consultation services or if we will pause the service for a time, typically until a specific period has passed or when a catalyst or change has occurred that warrants more significant review or revisions.  Monthly subscription and annual rates for long-term advice are available as well. 

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you.  |  541-683-0766 office  - text or call